Industrial Wastewater

One of the key tasks of industries is managing environmental challenges related to industrial effluents.

It is a common practice for industries to face restrictions on operations due to environmental management issues and regulations, which conveys into unforeseen time and financial impacts.

NARO WATER SOLUTIONS offers complete process solutions for existing and foreseen environmental challenges related to all kind of industrial wastewaters (effluents) treatments.

The treated industrial wastewater (effluent) can be reused in industrial process, or discharged to a sanitary sewer, or to a surface water, or to a marine environment.

Wastewaters generated from different industries have distinctive characteristics, that set it apart from common municipal wastewater.

The complete process solution is being designed, engineered and assembled, based on feed effluent characteristics, required outlet qualities and capacity.

Due to distinctive characteristics of effluent, the solutions may be conjunction of different processes, such as:

  • Emulsified and Free Oil Treatment
  • Aerobic / Biological Treatment
  • Anaerobic Treatment
  • Physical Separation
  • Chemical Treatment


  • Oil & Gas
  • Refinery
  • Power Plant
  • Food & beverages industry
  • Mines
  • Iron & Steel Industry