High quality water, with Conductivity concentration as low as 0.01 µS/cm is required for a range of industrial applications, such as feed water for steam generators, drum boilers, pharmaceutical industries, research laboratories, etc.

NARO offers following demineralization processes:

  • Electro De-Ionization (EDI)
  • Conventional Demineralization

The conventional demineralization (Ion Exchangers) is conjunction of Cation Exchangers (Which exchange positively charged ions (cations)), and/or Anion Exchangers (which exchange negatively charged ions (anions)), and/or Mixed Bed, that are able to exchange both Cations and Anions simultaneously.

The process flows in series; the raw water enters the cation exchanger and passes down through the resin bed where calcium, magnesium, sodium and other cations are removed from the water in exchange for hydrogen ions. The water then passes through the anion exchanger, where chloride, sulfate, bicarbonate and other anions are removed in exchange for hydroxide ions.

The complete process solution of Demineralization mostly come in conjunction with 1 pass, 2 pass or 3 pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) process, in order to reduce the Conductivity value to acceptable level, prior to feeding to Demineralization.

NARO WATER SOLUTIONS’ Demineralization systems are offered in skid mounted, or containerized options.

The complete process solution is being custom designed, engineered, prefabricated and pretested prior to dispatch from the factory, to ensure minimum site installation and commissioning works and time.